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New Schoology App

The Schoology app has been replaced on student issued LAUSD iPad devices with a Schoology bookmark. The Schoology bookmark looks like any other app on your device. When selected, students will be directed to through the Safari app to log in with their single sign-on account or QR code.

๏ Log In:

๏ Getting Started on Schoology for Students

๏ K2 Students, sign into Schoology in a simplified way with QR Codes:

๏ Contact LAUSD Hotline Support at 213-443-1300 for:

๏ Student PIN

๏ Password Reset

Schoology Helpdesk Contact

  • Call for Support:
    • Call 213-241-5200
    • Select Option 5
    • Select Option 1 
  • Submit a Support Request Online:


For those having trouble with T-Mobile Hot Spots:

Some customers may be having challenges in connecting their computing device to the T-Mobile CoolPad Surf hotspot.  For your reference, attached is the flyer that is included with each hotspot. 

Note: There may be some confusion with step #1 where is says “refer to the back cover”.  Some of the hotspots have a sticker that was added, but that is not always the correct sticker to refer to. You should open the battery cover and they will see the sticker that is specific for that hotspot.  See the attached image.

Be safe, stay healthy and #ClapForITD!

IT Customer Services

For immediate IT support, please call (213) 241-5200 or visit

Technical Support Schoology, Zoom, Devices, etc.




Internet Connectivity and Computing Devices

Our Information Technology Division is working to assist all students and families in having access to internet connectivity and computing devices to help learning continue during the COVID-19 crisis.

For more information, visit ITD's website.

Online Meeting and Conferencing

Los Angeles Unified has online meeting and conferencing options for all educators to leverage for instructional continuity. Download this flier to see the options available through the Learning Management System (LMS), Schoology.


Parents can access Schoology and email teachers through the "Monitor grades and assignments" function of the Parent Portal. Below are directions on how to create an account. 

** For assistance with PIN, Student ID, or questions regarding Parent Portal, call (310) 914-2124

or the Parent Hotline (213) 443-1300, or Email: or

Signing in to Zoom Through Schoology 

Students must configure their accounts through the Zoom app using their SSO... and lausd as the domain. Once they've done this, they'll be able to automatically log-in through a link on Schoology. Student needs to open the Zoom app and begin process:

1. Sign-In
2. Click on SSO
3. enter lausd as the domain
4. Sign in with their mymail account
5. Click on "Open" to open the page on Zoom

Once they've done steps above, they can click on the Zoom link on Schoology and get in.

  1. Open ZOOM app on your device
  2. Tap on SIGN IN (bottom right)
  3. At the SIGN IN screen, tap on the SSO circle (bottom left)
  4. In the "company domain" type in LAUSD
  5. tap GO
  6. Enter student LAUSD email address and password
  7. When you see "Open this page in zoom" tap OPEN
  8. ZOOM would like to send you notifications, tap DONT ALLOW
  9. ZOOM would like to access calendar, tap DONT ALLOW
  10. You are now logged into ZOOM.


Video - How to Set Up ZOOM for Parents and Students: 

Click Link

To sign up for Zoom and learn how to use Zoom, Click on Photos below:


Zoom released an update to the Zoom App for CB on 9/22 which address performance on lower end CPUs. The update should be making its way to Chromebooks automatically, and should ultimately resolve performance issues.

Here are some things you might want to recommend to your students to alleviate strain on the Chromebook CPU and boost performance:

•            Keep the Chromebook connected to its charger whenever using Zoom to maximize its functionality. In many mobile devices performance is often limited when running only off of the battery.

•            Limit the number of tabs they have open in Chrome. The more tabs they have open, the less power the cpu has for operation of Zoom.

•            Keep the Zoom meeting in Speaker View only and not in Gallery View so that only one speaker is displayed on the screen at a time. Some devices could suffer slowdown from having to process multiple video feeds at a time and limiting the feed to only one can lighten the load on the cpu.

•            Make sure that their Chrome web browser is updated by clicking the three vertical dots in the upper right corner and selecting "Help", and then selecting "About Google Chrome". This will open a tab that will report if Chrome is up to date. If it is not they should make sure to let it download any updates and then hit the "Relaunch" button that appears.

•            Make sure students keep smartphones and wireless gaming devices about 6 feet away from their Chromebooks, because sometimes microphones can pick up wireless signals that can distort sound.

•            Keep the Chromebook in the same room as their home WiFi router to ensure strongest connection.